Student Spotlight: Isabella Kehoe

Emma Lambiaso and Rachel King

If you don’t know who Isabella Kehoe is, you must be living under a rock. She is the sophomore class vice president, a track athlete, and a member of a variety of clubs. At the top of her class, she is, and always has been, a humble and genuine person. Wakefield High School is lucky to have Ms. Kehoe as a student. In addition to school and track, Bella also participates in gardening club, Youth Action Team, the musical theater program, and Best Buddies. Many people would probably be stressed out of their minds if they had her schedule, but Bella has it all down to a science. She is excellent at time management and finds that, “there are lots of opportunities in putting your phone away, not watching TV, and just sitting down and getting your work done.” When Bella gets a break from her hectic schedule, she lets her hair down by singing, reading, cooking, running, and being artsy.

Isabella has enjoyed running for most of her life, and in high school she decided to become a part of the cross country and track teams. She is a dedicated runner who is willing to help anyone on the team if they need it. One of her proudest achievements is when she won the Unsung Hero Award during the cross country season. The team won the league championship this year, and she was delighted to have helped her team win it. In addition to the fall season, she participates in indoor and spring track. During the indoor season, she enjoys one of her favorite races, the 1000 meter race. She puts in lots of time and effort to improve her times each week at the meets. Isabella has a promising  career ahead of her!

When Isabella is relaxing, she enjoys drawing, among other forms of art. She takes art classes during school as well as practicing outside of school. Isabella works at her skills frequently and her art shows that. She enjoys going to art class everyday, due to the fact that she finds it stress relieving after long classes. Isabella is not sure what is in store for her after high school, however she does want to do something that is creative and helps people. Her artistic abilities will help her achieve these goals when she is older, as well as her extracurricular activities.

As a freshman, Isabella was bestowed the title of Vice President for the Class of 2019. She still currently holds the position and does her job extremely well. Isabella’s main role is to work with the other class officers to fundraise and bring the class together socially. It is a fun job, but it is not always rainbows and butterflies. A tough part of being vice president is when Isabella has to make a lot of difficult decisions, not knowing how they will turn out, but going by what she thinks is best for her peers. Isabella has many qualities that make her a strong person, and she acquires them from her family. They are her role models, and she admires all of them, each for their own unique qualities and personalities. Her biggest role model that is not in her family would have to be Michelle Obama. “My biggest role model is Michelle Obama for being a compassionate, kind, and strong woman,” explained Isabella. “Most importantly though, Michelle Obama is a real woman, who has always believed in and supported other real women.”

The moral of the story is, if you have not met Isabella Kehoe, maybe you should. She wants to stay involved with the school community, so if you see her around, don’t be a stranger! She is a very nice, friendly, and caring person.Isabella made it clear that she would not change anything about 2016, she feels that everything happens for a reason. Her positive outlook on life definitely contributes to her success. Kehoe has big plans for 2017, so prepare yourself!