Washed Up Ballers

Will Shea, Staff Writer


In Wakefield Massachusetts there is one constant from 1st grade to 8th grade, the Wakefield Basketball Association, better known as the WBA. The WBA is an intramural basketball league based on grade. In 1st and 2nd grade the kids learn to dribble and shoot. By 7th and 8th grade fans pack the gym to watch the boys and girls play before they head off to high school.

At Wakefield High School there is no option for recreational basketball. You either play high school basketball or do not play any organized basketball at all. I decided I was going to change that. With the Americal Civic Center offering time slots for basketball I decided to jump on it. I talked to the manager at the Civic Center and asked if he has Sunday night time . He gave me eight Sunday night time slots to work around.

The time slots were set, I then had to garner some interest from my peers. Through email and twitter within one day I had forty guys interested  in playing. The league was to be named the Washed Up Ballers Association. The name was perfect for a league that had one rule, no varsity basketball players. Players are seniors, juniors and a few sophomores at the high school. The next step was getting a referee. This was not easy as my dad had to pull strings but we found a guy willing to put up with the boys. The league was set, we had the players, the gym time and the referee. The only thing left to do was draft teams and get the ball rolling. The draft was held after school in the field house . Thirty two guys entered the draft and were drafted by four captains.

Four weeks in and the league has been a huge success. The games are exciting, the referee is perfect and the crowds grow by week. Statistics are taken and posted on our new official website. With the playoffs approaching we are expecting over one hundred fans at each of the playoffs games and an entire Red Sea fan section at the finals. I expect the juniors and sophomores in the league will continue the tradition and keep the Washed Up Baller Association alive and well.