Greek Life Comes to Wakefield

Wakefield Memorial High School introduces a high school fraternity as a new club starting this spring. Pat Leary and James Connors have started Omega Beta Sigma, Wakefield’s first fraternity. This trend of high school fraternities and sororities has migrated north from the big colleges in Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia. High school frats have just arrived on the scene here in Massachusetts and we believe that they are here to stay.

Founding brother Pat Leary explained his plan as well as the generalities of high schools frats. After an hour long interview with Pat we seemed to grasp the in’s and out’s of high school fraternities. Leary explained that the first aspect of a high school fraternity is to establish interest within the school. “After you get people to join, you need to register with the National High School Fraternity Association or NHSFA. After that we heard some of the rules and regulations set by the NHSFA.

First off, no wild, unruly parties. Second, you must have at least 10 “actives” or brothers in the frat paying dues. Third, you cannot haze anyone trying to join the frat. These rules are much different from college fraternities, which keeps NHSFA fraternities on a strictly social agenda. In our interview with Pat, he explained that when it comes to living arrangements, there will be no fraternity houses. The brothers will meet twice a week, once on the weekday and another on the weekend. During these meetings they will discuss planning on events. Leary explained that the two main types of events that fraternities will hold are socials and fundraising events. Socials are held at either a brother’s house or at a gymnasium. He talked about how he expects socials to be held at his house as well as the Americal Civic Center to begin the year. Some fundraising ideas that he suggested were car washes and a tee shirt sale.

To join Omega Beta Sigma all you have to do is contact Ben Thompson, the frats Interim Secretary and Treasurer, and give him the $10 pledge fee and you’re in!