New Form of Travel in Courtyard

Allison Calnan and Rachel King

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April Fools Edition

Wakefield School Committee will vote next month on the final plan for the courtyard pool.  Other schools have dazzling courtyards that they are proud of. They have so many plants that it could pass as a greenhouse, as well as other amazing features. Wakefield has a big uneven patch of grass in the middle of the school. Imagine a beautiful oasis with luscious bushes and flowers surrounding it. This is what the courtyard will look like in 2019. At that time, students will have more time between classes and will be able to get some much needed fresh air.  Giving students the opportunity to go outside is beneficial for their mental and physical health. Students will be so rejuvenated when they reach their next class rather than the tired, zombie-like members nearly asleep at their desks.

There will be a pool that is going to be underground, twelve feet deep, with soothing jets and a glorious waterfall included. The new construction will be funded by Wakefield Academy in collaboration with the American Pools Association. Their work will provide a perfect opportunity to cool off on hot days in May and June. The pool will be completely safe and always clean, making it a much more preferred method of travel than the dusty hallways of the school. For those colder weeks during the New England winter, the pool will be covered and students can walk across the luxurious path that will surround it.

Right now, most students think the courtyard is used about twice a year by a few students. However by 2019, the courtyard will be used by everyone! It will be as crowded as crash corner during pastime. It will be called crash courtyard by time the school is finished with the project. Connections to all five hallways will be made to the courtyard so it is more accessible to all students. It seems chaotic, but the relaxing environment being created in 2019 will be perfect for all stressed students. It is clear that students need a place where they can relax and a pool seems to be the place that is most logical. If students show that they are stressed enough, the school may consider putting in a jacuzzi. This would destress students even more.

Everyone is super excited for the new pool in the school. The only ones who are not enthusiastic are the custodian staff as it creates more work for them since the school is not willing to hire anyone else. They will be educated on pool maintenance and have to take a two week course over the summer so that they can get a better understanding on keeping pools clean. There will also be student volunteers who will be the lifeguards of the pool, this will ensure the safest environment possible. The students will take lifeguarding practice during ASC and they will take their shifts at the pool during ASC as well.

Senior swim captain Ben Thompson shares his excitement for the new pool, “I only wish I could graduate a few years later so that I could enjoy the new pool rather than driving all the way to Lynnfield for practice.” This new pool will be a perfect way for Wakefield High School to be more involved with the swim team. This shows another reason why the pool will be a great addition to the Wakefield High School campus.

This new add-on to Wakefield High School will prove to be extremely beneficial to the student body and faculty. Less stress, more relaxation, and enjoyment of the outdoors will help create a much more tranquil environment than it already is. So in 2019, come to the courtyard and bask in the gorgeous nature around you by enjoying the stunning new pool!

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