You Think You Know Your High School?

Amanda Lee and Emma Lambiaso

April Fools Edition

Many Wakefield High School students believe that they know this school inside and out, but do they really? There are many secrets to this school that many students, and teachers, don’t know. One secret is that radio host, Michelle McPhee, actually went to this school! She is from Wakefield, and hosts a radio show! She mainly gives her opinion on political issues, and that is just the beginning of the secrets and surprises WMHS has to reveal.

Football season is something that most high schools, including Wakefield, have. Although, one of our football fields is a little different. There is rumored to be buried treasure underneath Beasley Field! It is unknown what type of treasure; money, gold or something else, but it is somewhere underneath the football field. It was said to be the fortune of Cyrus Wakefield, the man who established two popular industries in Wakefield and donated money to build a new town hall, which is why the town is named after him. Who knows, this “treasure” could be worth $50, or $1,000,000,000!

The school yields yet another mysterious secret. The forbidden hallway in the basement of WMHS didn’t used to be forbidden. In fact, students used to be able to pass through the hallway; many used it as a shortcut. But there also used to be classrooms down the hallway that hosted classes like ASC and all kinds of miscellaneous electives. The extra space was very helpful, until the incident of 1979. After that, the hallway was shut down, the classrooms never to be used again.

In the Field House, you can find cards on the door for every gym class’ volleyball winners. Out of all of the cards on the door, some dating back to 2007, one of them has Health final answers on the back. The final is the same each year, and all of the answers are on one card! Somebody wrote them during their gym class when they had a substitute. Nobody has yet to find the correct card. If you’re doing terrible in Health, this is a way to impress!  

Gym teachers don’t tend care what your wear to class, as long as it is gym clothes and sneakers. Some gym teachers say it’s hard to tell if people have actually changed for gym, because many people wear gym clothes to school anyway. In order to prevent students from not changing, they used to have tie dye uniforms. That’s right, tie dye shirts and pants. One of the old outfits was found in the back of a locker in the Girl’s Locker Room. These gym uniforms were in use from 1968-1974. Anyone with long hair had to wear their hair up in a tie dye hair tie and you had the choice to wear a tie dye headband or bandana. Due to many complaints, the gym uniforms were removed for the 1974-1975 school year and were never used again.

Let’s say you’re in class before lunch and craving a taco. The bell rings and you make a bee-line for the student store, DECA. You go up to the student running the register and say, “The bird flies at midnight.” The student responds by saying, “What kind of bird?” Then, you would say either “Hawk” or “Eagle”. Saying “Hawk” will get you a burrito, and saying “Eagle” will get you a taco. Before DECA shut down, this interaction was entirely possible. Each day, a senior in first lunch would go to Taco bell and buy some burritos and tacos with part of the money they got selling tacos the day before. DECA would then raise the price of the food by $2. Considering it was possible to buy Taco Bell in school, many people were willing to pay the extra fee.

Junior year is a great year when picking classes because you can drop many subjects because you have completed the requirements. In History, you have to complete World History II, US History I and II, and then you never have to go to History hall again. But, in the past, there was actually a US History III! US History II focused more on WWI and WWII and events revolving around those two was, and the everything past that was in US History III. There were less History electives, and the teachers who teaches some electives now would’ve taught this extra class. The school eventually decided that spending an entire year on WWI and WWII was a little much and they decided to combine US II and US III. The rest is history.

In one of the craziest senior pranks ever, some members of the graduating class of 2014 went onto the roof and built a pool. They brought all the materials up in the dead of night, and worked until the sun came up building a temporary swimming pool. It wasn’t too deep, only about 4 feet, and was about 80 feet long. The other seniors in the school were texted to bring all the other necessities for a pool party. Beach chairs, food, beach balls, and anything else they might need. One kid even brought a portable volleyball net. The seniors set everything up, and partied all day long. However, severe consequences followed. Quite a bit of water damage occurred, and the seniors had to help clean up, which include drying all the history textbooks with blow dryers.

In the original high school plans, there was an ancient burial ground that the school was built over. The construction workers did not try to remove the bodies; they were to delicate. So, they built the school over it. Rumor has it that the workers also found an old sign warning not to disturb the ancient spirits, or risk making them restless. Of course, they will remain there and never be removed.

These are secrets that all students and teachers at this school need to know. Whether they scare you, intrigue you, or maybe make you feel relieved, these secrets hopefully interest you.