Change in the School


Joe Hurton, Reporter

Not everybody loves to wake up very early for school, but why? Students expressed their opinions on what needs to be changed in the school.

Many students may say that they hate school, which may or may not be true. Even students will admit that school is not terrible, but some days they would rather be anywhere else than school. They find some things wrong with the school and those things make it so they do not want to be there. Whether it be waking up at six in the morning, the homework, the tests or the projects, there always seems to be something to complain about. People have their own beliefs on what should be changed in the school. The student population expressed  their opinion about what should be changed.

The poll was an open survey that allowed you to answer in anyway you wanted to. Many felt the same way and expressed the same opinions. There were the very common answers like shorter days, and more time to sleep. However, there were a few that stood out. Many wish the school and teachers would become more technology advanced and that lessons would be based on technology. Students agreed that today, more things are done online and on the computer than ever before. They wish teachers were more open to make their curriculum more technology based. Although this would mean the school would have to buy more better technology, many students believe that it would be would be worth it. They say their grades and learning would be improved if they did their work online.

A variety of other answers came up as well. Many said they wish they had more time in between classes to get their books. The popular belief is that teachers will yell at them if they are late, but the students do not have enough time in between classes to get their books. The only way to be on time to every class is to carry all your books around with you all day, which becomes a major pain. Some classes are on the opposite side of the school as kid’s lockers so the kids have four minutes to walk around the entire building. Then they are yelled at for being late. Unanimously across the student body, many say they wish midterms and finals would change. They all agree that the way they are set up now does not effectively assess the student. All the tests determine is who can cram the most information in one week. There is talk about how there will be new methods for the final and midterms, but no one has seen or heard one. Finally, some believe that some clubs are too reclusive and hard to get into. While they all say they’re open to everyone, some feel that they are too difficult to join. They believe they are very selective and difficult to even attempt to enter. These problems however, don’t take away from the fact that WHS is a great school. Many students struggled to think of something to be change, reassuring the idea that we have a great school. With these problems being fixed, WHS would become a great school.


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