A Warrior Ritual

Jillian Cataldo

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The four years of high school are truly some of our most fond memories in our lives. Especially if you go to Wakefield High School .

Starting in the fall, the school year is just beginning.  Fall sports have started and Wakefield is ready to take on any team. The whole school comes together on Friday nights when the lights of the Landragian football field turn on and the Wakefield Warriors football team plays. Teachers, students and parents all gather in the bleachers. While the football team plays, they are cheered on by the  Warriors cheerleaders.  Wakefield is known around the area for putting on impressive halftime shows.The most for is their halftime shows. With the wakefield warriors award winning band performing at halftime  they  put on an outstanding performance and the Wakefield high dance team,who always have, a new routine to perform as well .Friday nights never fail to disappoint Wakefield fans . All the Friday night games lead up to one very important game, which is  the Thanksgiving game against our rivals: the Melrose Red Raiders. The Warriors have all sorts of traditions to do before the big game like spirit week at school.

The whole week leading up to the pep rally Wakefield students have different spirit days such as twin day, Boston sports day, country western day and finally on the day of the pep rally, the school has a red out and everyone wears the color red with crazy outfits. The pep rally is a time where the school all comes together to support each other. The football team walks out and give speeches. The dance team performs a couple of routines along with the, cheerleading  team performing their competition routine. The color guard and marching band also perform the music they use in competition. The school has so much spirit and everyone is really brought together by it.  Heading into the winter time things get quiet around school. Winter ball is the first main event, it is a dance at the school. It is held  every year for the juniors and seniors. Relating to sports the Warriors hockey and basketball teams  usually make it to playoffs. Thats when the famous red sea comes out.

The red sea is one of the most fun rituals at Wakefield high school. Students go to the games all decked out in red, chanting  and singing at the play off games. The red sea never fails to dominate the crowd, leaving the opponents speechless by the warriors appearance. Heading into the Spring, the Warriors kick off the spring season with volleyball and dodgeball tournaments. Students make their own teams and all play each other. With the warm weather approaching spring sports startup and so does the school  dance season. Kicking of the dance season the  freshman sophomore hop it is held at Wakefield High school, with a different theme every year. Next ,junior and senior prom approach and the  Wakefield tradition of the grand march continues. The senior class walks around the Wakefield common before heading off to prom. It is fun to see family friends and classmates all dressed up.  Being a warrior truly  is a great experience. Everyone in the school shares unforgettable memories together.The school does an amazing job at making us closer at school with all the activities they plan for the students. It really is “ A great day to be a warrior.”

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