The Temperature Woes of Wakefield High


Taylor Guarino

“Cause you’re hot and you’re cold.” Katy Perry puts it best when describing the poor heating and cooling systems here at Wakefield Memorial High School.

     On a normal school day I’ll be sweating one block, but then I’ll be freezing the next minute. The temperature in the school is never comfortable. Sometimes it can even become a serious distraction for students learning. All you are able to focus on is how hot or cold you are. Your mind is completely elsewhere, and learning becomes secondary. It’s not just a distraction to students, it can also affect the teachers and other staff. Nearing the summer, teachers usually have to bring in several fans to try to cool down the hot rooms, but this should not be necessary. It should be the school’s responsibility to properly control the temperature of  the classrooms, not the teachers. Another thing, the fans can be such a distraction as well. The loud noises that the fans make can be annoying, and I have found myself on more than once occasion just staring blankly at the fan. Sophomore, Liz Germino, says this regarding the schools temperature, “The temperature varies so much from room to room I’m freezing in one and sweating in another.” For example, history hall is a million degrees but as soon as you step into the english hall it’s like you’ve stepped into an iglu. Why is it that there is a new middle school being built, but the school can’t even be properly be heated and cooled?

I believe that the school should take initiative and make a change to how the school is heated and cooled, because it is an issue to almost everyone in the school system. Now how may this problem be fixed? The answer is plain and simple: central air throughout the entire school. It may be an expensive choice, but it would well worth it in end. The old radiators in each classroom are always breaking and being “fixed”. I always hear of teacher’s requesting to have their heat fixed in their room, but no one takes action to fix it and the same uncomfortable temperatures continue to exist in the building.  What do you think of the heating and cooling problems around the high school?