The Culture of Wakefield High

The Culture of Wakefield High

Melanie Orcutt

When you drive by Wakefield High School most people may think “ew” based on appearance, but when you step inside your opinion will soon change.

The culture at Wakefield High School is something to brag about, as opposed to the appearance. One of the main things Wakefield takes pride in is their student culture. From pep rallies to prom, we have it all. Part of the Wakefield High School’s mission states that, “We promote our core values throughout our school community, and foster an atmosphere of respect, excellence, and responsibility.” It is important for us to enjoy school and learn not only academically, but socially as well.

One of the most popular social gatherings at Wakefield is the sports. We are very proud of our sports teams and the competition is always high.   Our fans are definitely one of a kind. The infamous “Red Sea” follows the sports teams, all the while screaming out motivational chants to get the teammates excited and motivated to bring home a victory. Our Sea was its biggest in 2012 when our hockey team made it to the Division 1 Championship and ESPN noticed our outstanding fan group. We even landed ourselves an article on I was a sophomore when this happened and I still remember it as one of the fondest memories of high school.  It does not need to be a championship game for a big crowd to show up either. This past season the stands were full nearly every football game. Some senior boys even painted their stomachs red and wrote WHS across their chests. It is funny instances like these that help make the school feel united and the high school experience be unforgettable.

Another social event that WHS offers often, is school dances. These dances are run by student council officers. Some of the most popular ones that happen every year are Frosh Soph Hop in the spring, Winter Ball in December, Junior Prom, and Senior Prom. There has also been additional dances that vary from year to year such as the Halloween dance. The dances are a blast and the students really look forward to them. Not to mention they are a great source of fundraising considering all money from ticket sales goes to the students.

In addition to the school dances, and our dedicated fan base, our clubs are something that stand out at our school. The possibilities are endless and there are clubs for everyone. From recycling club, to sign-language club, to even the newly added fashion club. All you need is a group of people and a petition to be signed and you can start a club. Unlike some schools, our school is still full of life after the final bell rings at the end of the day. Most kids spend more time at school then they do at home and it is all out of choice. Either they are at sports practice, partaking in a club, or participating in volunteer work. Wakefield High is all about diversity and is a place where no one is afraid to be whoever they want to be.

What do you think of Wakefield High School’s culture?