April Vacation Activities


Nicole Pecjo

There are many different activities to do while on vacation, whether it’s as simple as relaxing, basking in the sun, or traveling to new places.

Many people love to travel to new parts of the world over vacation time, especially when kids are out of school. Whether it’s traveling and seeing amazing sights from all over the world, or it could be simply relaxing and recovering from the past winter.

  1. Long Distance Traveling: There are many families that love to travel long distances, like visiting warm places, and sightseeing. Many people love traveling to see gorgeous views like in Ireland, Germany, or New Zealand. Although others like to relax and bask in the sun in the Bahamas. There are many other popular places that are visited over spring vacation, but these are just some example of some which you can visit.

  2. Road Trips: Some families love to travel, but others try to keep it more low key, or not too far away. For these kinds of trips, known as road trips many families visit Washington, DC or even Niagara Falls. These places are beautiful, yet historic trips just some hours away.

  3. Staying at home: While others are not in favor of spending money of all sorts, some much rather lay back and relax. Many may do this by either reading their favorite book, or staying in and watching a movie marathon with friends. While others may not be a fan of this, some kids will like to either catch up or finish any type of homework they were assigned. Knowing that when they are done they have the rest of vacation to relax and not worry about it.

  4. Learning a new skill: Being in school for five days a week with a two day weekend can sometimes be, needless to say, not be enough. Us teens do not have that much downtime, and we really can’t try a ton of new things until school vacations, or until school gets out. Trying new things may include learning to cook, or trying to cook something new, or even learning something as random as origami.

  5. Spending time with friends: Some local things you can have planned over spring vacation can be as simple as spending time with friends. Catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a while is really important. Spending time with your friends is simple to plan as well as it can be anywhere. From the sleepovers to roadtrips to hitting the beach you can do anything with your friends over vacation!

  6. Concerts and other events: A final idea of what to do over spring vacation is go to a lot of concerts. Concerts are extremely fun, and a great way to spend time and have tons of fun with a bunch of your friends. Although prices can vary, it is still an awesome and easy idea to have a great time over your spring vacation.