Katherine Willett


We all laugh at the jokes made about schools on Smack High™ MA.  But, in recent weeks the jokes have gone from funny to dark.

Smack High is a popular Twitter page that has funny things that have occurred at high schools all over the country.  Each state has a specific page for example Smack High MA is Massachusetts page.

What I mean by dark is talking about rivalries that should stay untouched (keep it between the schools) and the amount of money a town has.  I love to laugh at the jokes made about WHS, a lot of them have truth behind them, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere.

The most recent example of a rivalry tweet about Wakefield and Melrose was March 27th it said “‘At least I don’t go to Wakefield High’ -Melrose.” As funny as this was for Melrose, our rivalry has been going on for many years its almost sacred.  Should students from other schools be able to see our rivalry?  Should students from WHS be able to see other schools rivalries? Maybe not, other schools don’t know the history behind the rivalries, they just won’t get it.  Rivalries are just one of those things that others just will not get its between two schools and those two schools only, last thing WHS or even MHS needs is Reading or Stoneham siding against them, rivalries are stressful enough!

Another common joke on Smack High would be jokes about the income of specific towns for example “Dear Winchester, Please shut up about having money. You have none, and it looks trashy.  -Sincerely, Lexington.” Both Lexington and Winchester have a ton of money is it really necessary to gloat about it either way? especially when there are cities and towns in Massachusetts that don’t even have half of what these towns have.  Money is just one of those  things is better left not talked about.

On the positive end of things Smack High is also a place for schools to come together, it can help students form an understanding of each others school culture which has never happened before.  This new technological era has brought the schools of Massachusetts and other states together.