The Freshman Sophomore Hop


Sadiya Croshaw

Freshman Sophomore Hop, is it taken for granted or appreciated the way it should be? Some students don’t realize the effort put into this night.

Freshmen Sophomore Hop is either an exciting time for students or a time where students do not show excitement. Many students look forward to this day because it is one of the few dances that the school holds other than prom. However, for some students, this dance is a waste of their time and they do not show appreciation for it. Yet, do any students realize the effort that our class officers put into making the dance?

According to Sophomore class president, Shannon Fairweather, one of the first steps put into Freshmen Sophomore Hop, is finding a date that works for everyone, including all school clubs as well. The officers need to make sure that they date they desire does not interfere with any after school activities or events. This can be difficult because sports or school clubs might have a date set in stone and it could be hard to compromise. In addition, the date has to be run by school officials, such as Dr. Smith.

In addition, actual tickets need to be made to be bought. Officers need to get in touch with someone who can design the tickets. Once all the officers agree on a design, they need to get in touch with someone else who can have the tickets printed. This is a separate process now. After a few days, the tickets should be printed and then picked up.

Once a date is set and the tickets are ready to be sold, a list has to be made of everyone attending the dance, their date, and grade of each. This list also is to be put into alphabetical order. A corresponding number is put next to each persons name on the list that has to be written on the ticket when that person buys it.

When the date comes near, it is time to decorate. All the decorations are bought by our class officers and need to fit the theme. However, sometimes a teacher might want to help out and buy some decorations to contribute as well. On the day of the dance when everyone is going home to get ready for the night, our officers stay after school to decorate and make sure everything is in place. The pressure comes on to them and decisions to make arrive. Where to put what or what to put where? Remember, it is our cafeteria that they try to make look nice. However, they never fail us.


The effort they all put into this dance for us is more than we think. Instead of calling it a “stupid dance” we should show respect, regardless of the opinion you may have.