The Pros and Cons of Last Week Finals


Jenna Mello

In middle school, there was no strict finals schedule and they all took place a few weeks before school ended. In high school, it’s very different.

At Wakefield High School, finals take place during the very last week of school. Should students really have to take important tests at the very end of the year? The last week of school is usually when you get to say goodbye to your friends and teachers. Sure, you could do that the week before, but I would want to see all of my friends on the very last day of school.  Having one final on the last day of school means that you may not see a lot of your friends because they are taking tests on the opposite side of the school. The very end of the year is also a great time to say bye to your teachers and ask them last minute questions about what next year will be like.

Another reason finals should not be that last week of school is that students will have a hard time focusing on a test on the very last day of school. With summer vacation in a matter of days, most students have trouble focusing on school work for more than a few minutes. Many students also leave school early to go on vacation. This would means they would have to take the finals that they would miss the second to last week of school. It would be better for the students for finals to be the second to last week of school.

Many juniors and seniors who are used to this schedule already like having finals on the last week of school. Katherine Willet, a junior at Wakefield High School, thinks that since “we work so hard all year, it’s nice to have half days the last week of school.” This is very true. After putting in so much effort all year, having finals on the last week of school does give the students a break.

Also, having finals on the last week of school allows more time for actually getting work done in class. If finals were not the last week of school, then there would be a lot of time left after finals with nothing left to learn. Although some student’s would argue that this is a good thing, the teachers would disagree.

Do you think finals should be the last week of school? Let me know in the comments.