Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?


Sadiya Croshaw

If you had to choose, where would your coffee stop be? Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?


Everyone knows that “America Runs on Dunkin”, but did Starbucks change that?

Within the past few years, Starbucks has become more and more popular around the nation. It became somewhere for people to get together, have a quick business meeting, and sometimes you will even see students using the Wi-Fi available there to do studying. On the other hand, Dunkin Donuts is a more get & go environment.  I personally think that the results of this survey will be in Starbucks favor. My opinion is this way because nowadays you hear people saying, “Oh let’s go to Starbucks!” and all around it became a more popular coffee stop.



Surprisingly, the results turned out to be a tie. I got 32 responses with 16 for each yet, I was not expecting that to happen. However, that just proves at what a head-butter these two coffee shops are at in this generation.  My expectations were for a close race with Starbucks as the victor. To come to conclusion, it seems that people enjoy the prices of Dunkins better but the experience of Starbucks more.