Survey Special


Favorite Music Genres based on Grade Level? by Louise Canavan

Do you have to take gym if you play a sport? by Brooke Pistorino

Do students stay up Past 10:30 on School Nights? by Jill Cataldo

What are your eating habits? by Elizabeth Germino

Should homework be assigned over the weekends?  by Shannon Fairweather

Who follows politics in school? by Maeve Conway

Dunkin Donuts or S bytarbucks? Sadiya Croshaw

Is the Parking Good or Bad at WHS? by Randy Fazio (coming soon)

Eminem or Jay Z: Who is the best rapper? by Nick Glennon

ACDC vs. Zeppelin: Who is the best rock band by Colin McGovern (coming soon)

Battle of the Ice cream: Meletharbs vs. Richardsons vs. Cravings? by Meaghan Hudson

Favorite Disney Princesses by Madeline Leishman

Best Basketball Player: Lebron vs. Durant by SeanWillett

Do you read in your free time? by Jenna Mello

What genre of music do you workout to? by Jake Nazzaro

Is there teacher harassment at Wakefield High School? by Melanie Orcutt

Dunkin Donuts vs. Honey Dew by Nicole Pecjo

Is Homeroom Needed? by Rose Conway

What’s your favorite Mobile App by Rose Tiro

Do you take naps? by Taylor Guarino

Should Marching Band be taken for Gym Credits? by Katherine Willett