Freshman Year: A Guide

Samuel Simpson, Staff Writer

Eighth grade is almost over. You have “graduated” from the middle school and you are moving on to the high school. You’re feeling on top of the world, you guys are the leaders of the middle school, it’s all good and fun, but that ends next year. You will soon be little fishes in a big pond. It’s fifth grade all over again. The embarrassment, the awkwardness, the fear, it’s all coming back to you now. But have no fear children! I have survived all of this and I am here to give you some advice on how to coast through your freshman year with ease.



A big mistake that people make their freshman year is “forgetting” to do their homework. I mean it happens to all of us sometimes, but if it happens too much, you will see your grades drop real quick. Believe me when I say, homework is one of the biggest parts of your grade. Depending on the class, you could get as little as one page of homework per night, to a six page packet per week. I know it sucks, but even though we all hate homework, there’s really no escaping it, so just do it and it will make your life a lot easier.

Honors classes are NOT easy


Honors classes may sometimes have an easier curriculum to follow, and the work is only a little harder than CP classes, but the workload is a lot more than CP. What does this mean? It means that you have to focus more on one class than the others. Sometimes the work can be a lot to handle, and not keeping track of your work can make you fall behind in school, so as a solution…

Stay organized


Organization is probably the key to freshman year. If you don’t stay organized, you will lose track of due dates for projects, lose track of your homework, and eventually you will be left with five pounds of make up work, three overdue projects, and an F in all of your classes. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get the idea. To help you out, here are some ways to organize your stuff.


  • Notebooks/Folders


This is the most common thing I see people doing, and it’s a good idea. For most classes all you will need is a pencil, lined paper, and something to hold your papers, this organization tactic has all three of those. The only problem is, you will have to constantly clean out your folders, because you don’t want papers spilling out of your folder and getting lost in your bag


  • Binders


This organization approach is also very common and it also works fairly well. Having a binder for each class is good because you can three hole punch your papers and put them in. You can also fit notebooks or loose-leaf paper in them too. The problem with this is that the binders will add a little extra weight to your backpack. To avoid this you can clean out your binders frequently.


  • Planner


A necessity is a planner of some kind. You should use that thing every day and treat it like it’s your first born child. A planner is your most reliable source of knowing what you have for homework, projects, and when you have to do them by. I didn’t use a planner the whole year, and let me tell you, it came back to bite me.

Don’t be annoying

You may be scared of the upperclassmen when you come to the high school, but don’t be. The truth is, if you don’t bother other people they won’t bother you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk to people and make new friends, that’s what high school is all about, just don’t be making loud noises in the hallway and shoving each other into lockers. You guys are freshmen now, you need to grow up a little.

Be yourself


Something that is different from middle school is that people don’t care about what you’re wearing or how you act. Unless you come to school dressed in a neon green jumpsuit and start screaming weird things in the cafe nobody is going to judge you. Freshman year is all about finding out who you are, so just have fun with it, because it goes by damn fast. Don’t waste your time judging and hating other people, because there’s no point. If you all get along, your freshman year will be awesome.