Christmas Day TRUMPS Christmas Eve


Vanessa Gebhard, Staff Writer

     “Their face lit up like children on Christmas morning!” This phrase has been said by an uncountable amount of people, because honestly who doesn’t know that Christmas is the happiest day of the year? However, notice that the saying doesn’t go, “Their face lit up like children on Christmas Eve!” Obviously, Christmas Eve is better than any average weekday in the year. However, the actual day of December 25th is much better than the night leading up to it for many reasons.

     When you wake up on Christmas Eve, all you can do is find something to occupy your time until it’s time to get ready for whatever your plans may be that night. On the day of December 24th, people may still be running around wrapping last minute presents, cooking the food they have to bring to Christmas Eve dinner, or cleaning the house for all the relatives/guests that are going to buzz around their home. Granted, the little bit of partying with your family/friends and traditions such as reading “The Night Before Christmas” are very fun, but they only last for about 3 hours. However, before these Christmas Eve shenanigans, you have to sit through a long mass or other church event. All these are simply a few out of many examples as to why people have “countdowns to Christmas” during the winter season, rather than a “countdown to Christmas Eve.”

     Christmas day, though, seems to be flawless in it’s excitement and joyous celebrations. Starting off with waking up in the morning from what seems to be the longest night of restless sleep you’ve ever had, you can begin  all the wonderful Christmas festivities immediately without having to worry about getting anything else done. Presents that have been sitting under the tree staring at you can finally be opened, and delicious food in the cupboard that your mom has told you to “save for Christmas” can finally be eaten. Once those presents have been opened, you can spend a fraction of the day playing with all the new toys or gifts you got. If you want, you can even do all of this in your pajamas within the comfort of your own home. In cases like mine, you don’t need to put on an uncomfortable dress or shirt & tie to go to church on Christmas day but if you do, it’s not a very long service at all compared to the Christmas Eve mass. Lastly, but certainly not least, Christmas day is much more enjoyable than Christmas Eve largely due to the food. Not only can you eat all the leftovers from the previous night’s party, but you are continuously offered more and more food all Christmas long made by so many relatives or friends—not to mention the greatly anticipated entrees at your Christmas dinner. Imagine all of these Christmas events being squished into 3 hours like it is the day before… not happening! Christmas festivities last so much longer than Christmas Eve does, and the fun of Christmas day seems never-ending. Clearly, Christmas day is loved much more than Christmas Eve!