Grades Rise Up!


Amanda Lee

Congratulations! You have completed term 1 of this school year! This means your either happy, scared, sad, or relieved. There’s a high chance that all of your grades were not the way you had hoped. Whether APUSH is harder than you thought, or you thought you understood Sociology, something bad probably happened during term 1. For the rest of the school year, and the rest of high school, everyone is hoping for better grades than first term. Here are seven different ways to help bring your grade up.

The number one way to bring your grade up is to pay attention in class. Going to class is one of the main ways to get a good grade. Actually being there and paying attention to what is going on. Instead of imagining how amazing your lunch is going to be, write notes and pay attention to your history teacher when they lecture about the Civil War.

Another good way to try to bring your grade up is to ask classmates for help. Sometimes teachers do not connect the way a classmate can. The way a person of your age talks to you can help you understand something more than someone who is much older. If asking a classmate does not help, you can go to the teacher. One on one learning can really help the information sink into your brain.

If you understand, but can not seem to find an interest in the subject, John or Hank Green will probably have an interest! They made videos on everything under the sun, and probably the sun as well! They may talk really fast, but their videos can help with obtaining an interest. But if you’re not a fan of the Green brothers, but honestly who is not, there are plenty of other people to watch.

After everything else, your teacher will probably have extra worksheets. Whether it be practice problems in math or science, more readings in history or english, or more sentences to translate in a foreign language, your teacher should have some more resources for studying. Another way that might not be so obvious is to write down notes, do not type them. Many studies show that writing what you need to remember is a better way to retain the information. So break out those pens and paper and get writing!

Once you have completed everything else, you have to study. You can not just walk into a test without doing anything, and expect a A. Many students make the mistake of thinking the know who Aaron Burr is, but on the test, they end up confusing him with Alexander Hamilton. Always take time to study the night before a test, and right before the test. But, do not study in another class, because you need to be doing all this for that class too. Having good grades is something almost every teenager wants, and by following and working on these seven steps, you can achieve that A!