Diana Murphy

Nick Glennon

Reporter: Nick Glennon (Class of 2016)

Senior Profiled: Diana Murphy


Classes: Creative Writing, Honors Biology, Studio Art 2, AP English, Multimedia Presentation

Quote:  “When you start putting pen to paper, you see a side of your personal truth that doesn’t otherwise reveal itself in conversation or thought.” -Anthony Kiedis

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, arts & crafts, and writing


Diana Murphy is a senior here at Wakefield Memorial High School. Diana is a unique person who excels in the classroom and enjoys numerous hobbies.


Born on October 22nd, 1995 to her parents Kimberly and Richard, Diana lived in rural parts of Western Massachusetts until she moved to Wakefield during her freshman year. Her mother is an elementary school teacher and her father was an art teacher before he tragically passed away during her freshman year at Wakefield High. She has a younger sister named Katie, a freshman, who also attends Wakefield High School.

In her free time, Diana enjoys reading writing, cooking, spending time with friends and drawing. She has taken Studio Art and Creative Writing, so her interest in arts and literature is really no surprise to anyone who knows Diana. She enjoys writing to the point where she would even enjoy being a freelance author when she grows up. She thinks this career would be fun and believes that she would excel at it. Diana did not participate in any extracurricular activities this year due to increased working hours. However, in years past she had been a part of the theater arts program at WHS. Besides her artistic hobbies, she has also taken an interest in karate, outdoors adventures and raising chickens. She is truly a girl of many hobbies!

Diana plans on attending Emmanuel College once she graduates from Wakefield High. The school was a natural choice for her considering the beauty of the campus and the overall friendliness of those on campus. The university is located right in the heart of Boston – which best suits Diana as she loves the city and enjoys frequently visiting the area. She plans on majoring in psychology as it has always been a very interesting topic to her. However, she would not be surprised if she ends up changing her mind and switching majors. The career of free lance author is also something that interests her as she has experience from taking Mr. Drinkwater’s creative writing class. Psychology is Diana’s main focus at the moment, but it definitely appears as though a change in majors could eventually be in the cards for her.

Diana Murphy is a unique person who has a lot of different interests. Her artistic desire is insatiable and she definitely has a passion for writing. As she communicated to me, she is planning on majoring in psychology but other plans could definitely be in her future. She’s a talented person with a wide range of talents and that will definitely get her places in life. Hopefully she enjoys her time at Emmanuel just as much as her time here at Wakefield High School. Good luck Diana!