Photography: For Beginners


Ryan Kostopoulos, Photographer

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Kostopoulos and I am the Photographer for the Wakefield High Express!  I love Photography, and everything about it.  I plan on going to college for photography and graphic and web design.  If you are interested in getting into photography this article is for YOU!

Photography is a great way to express yourself! You can do almost anything you want to a photo!  If you want to get into digital photography, I would recommend buying a Cannon t2i, or t3i.  It is a great camera for a great price.  It is user friendly, and it will suit your needs as a photographer as you grow more experienced in the field.  The Cannon t2i also has amazing movie capabilities.  These are the cameras you see our TV kids using around school.  Other great companies you should look into for a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) are Nikon, Sony, and Olympus.

Now that you have your camera body, you will need a lens.  A lens for the most part is normally the most expensive part on the camera, so choose wisely.  If your wondering what lens to buy, the standard 18-55mm lens should be sufficient at first, but as you advance in photography, you will want to expand you lens collection.  When you grow more experienced in photography, you will learn which direction you want to go in photography.  What you want to do is all up to you; just make sure your lens fits your needs as a skilled photographer.

Now that you know have your camera and your lens, you need to go out and take photos!  Go express yourself, shoot people, places, inanimate objects, what ever makes you happy!  Just have fun with it.  Shoot things that will make people say “ooooh” and “aahhhh”, because when people appreciate your artwork, it is one of the most outstanding feelings!

I hope this teaser article helped you get a better feel on how to get into the photography field.  Check back soon for some exciting media on our website!