Kenney, ’12, won’t back down


Evan Kenney, graduate of WHS class of ’12, one of the youngest delegates in the Republican National Convention sparked controversy when he was at the center of a battle within the party.

Kenney has most recently been described as “the future of the Republican party in Massachusetts who just got screwed over by Mitt Romney” (Michael Graham). Kenney is best known for being an avid Ron Paul supporter. He got his jump-start in the political world earlier this year when he ran for the position as an alternate republican delegate to the GOP Presidential convention. Now, some of you may be asking yourself; what is an alternate republican or the GOP Presidential convention? An alternate republican delegate; will vote to designate candidates to the 2012 Republican Primary Election ballot. Delegates selected at the Precinct Caucuses may but are not required to pledge their votes to their preferred candidates for elective office.” – The GOP Presidential convention is literally the presidential nominating for the Republican party of the United States.

While most seniors were partying their way out of high school, Kenney was able to accomplish the elected spot as well as rising attention to himself due to the fact that in order to get that spot he beat out Charlie Baker. Baker, was a former GOP nominee for governor in state. Kenney understood that it was not going to be easy to get o the top. To be successful Kenney had to familiarize himself with the rules, regulations, and what he, as a republican stood by. Kenney had to “ learn the arcane workings of the local GOP caucusing” meaning that he had to learn all of the complicated and difficult to understand workings of the GOP. How did he do this? Kenney immediately put his all into getting what he needed, votes. He did this by organizing voters who shared similar views to him and presenting long political speeches just to get their votes.  Dedication.

The hard work paid off, he had won. Kenney had done the unthinkable. He had beat out not one, but two GOP candidates. He beat out Charlie Baker and Kerry Healey both who are able to go to Tampa as delegates, unlike Kenney.  Not only is this unfair, but it is cheating.

Baker and Healey were hand picked delegates of Romney’s who, although lost to Kenney, where the ones headed to Tampa. This could only be possible under the conditions that the rules had been changed following the elections. Kenney wasn’t the only delegate this had happened to. “Cheating, breaking their own rules, screwing Republicans over- isn’t that what Democrats are for?” (Michael Graham).

Though a major advocate for Ron Paul, Kenney was forced to sign an affidavit pledging that he would vote for Romney. Kenney knew he would be voting for Romney and had no trouble in supporting him, but he hesitated signing the pledge. Because of this, Kenney and others were then denied a spot as an alternate delegate by the Massachusetts Republican Party itself.

When Kenney appeared on The Rachel Maddow show where he did a terrific job getting his point across that the state party had done wrong by disallowing him the delegate spot. He stated “ The real Republican party is us.” The interview ended with a superb quote by Maddow letting Kenney and the rest of the Republican party know “they ought to be happy to have you.” Kenney has showed us all never to give up and stand up for what you believe in. He won’t back down.