School Elections: Do They Matter?


Adam D'Ambrosio, Reporter

Elections, do you vote for the change you are seeking? Or vote for the candidate that you prefer? Do you even consider the options present?

This leads into a problem that society is facing, some people are starting to vote based on what party a candidate is from. But I’m here to talk about something similar, but more appropriate for someone unregistered. School Elections, they contain the possibility to alter a school for the better. How much possibility is tapped into, varies depending on who’s elected.

Some people view the election as a measuring tool; a means to see if they’d get more people behind them than someone else. These are the same people who spend hours of their lives attempting to get the most likes on Facebook, or any other kind of social network. Are those the people you want to represent you? The tide of an election is easily swayed by popularity, stealing the win from those who could make good use of it.

This leads to the origin of it all, the voter. Students tend to vote based on loyalty to their friends, instead of the beneficial evolution of the school society.  If voting for what you believe in is against your friend, guilt would make you choose otherwise.

Despite the last 219 words I’ve spewed out of my vocabulary, school elections really don’t mean much. Some people don’t care at all about what the election entails, me being one of them. Nothing is accomplished anyway.  I just wanted to provide an intellectual viewpoint about one of the more trivial aspects of the High-School experience. Who knows? Maybe you learned something from this (probably not) or maybe this could shed a little light on the political voting world that runs this country.