Horrors Abound in WHS-Costuming

Horrors Abound in WHS-Costuming

K.C. Skeldon

As Halloween approaches, ideas for costumes become precious morsels of thought. But forget superheroes and zombies: Why not show WHS pride in your get-up?

Be a marching band trophy! As well as our football team is doing this year (something I myself didn’t realize until last week…yay! Sports!), we’re all a bit more aware of our marching band’s success. If you need to see what a band trophy looks like, head down to the band hall and ask anyone in band for a curated tour of the trophy case. Make sure to set aside some time: It could take a while.

Were you there for the Lunch of the Purple Person? Commemorate your presence at this historic event by throwing on a purple morph suit and jogging around the cafeteria. This costume also serves as a reminder to your first lunch friends that they missed out on something epic.

WHS bathrooms are pretty spooky. When polled about the state of the bathrooms, junior Brenna Manning responded, “I’m not sure if I can decide what the worst thing is. Maybe all the doors being broken? That’s pretty bad.” So, since you’re (probably) never going to encounter a mummy in real life, ditch the TP and be a WHS bathroom door. You know the ones: Graffitied, and no lock to speak of. A large sheet of cardboard and a Sharpie are the only materials needed for this realistically horrifying costume. At parties, pass around the marker and let friends scribble phone numbers, rude statements, and the occasional gem of optimism.

A perfect complementary look to this one is Girl in the Math Bathroom Who’s Been Doing Her Make-Up for Half of G-Block. Gather a few bottles of mascara and a palate of blush that would make Monet jealous. Slather on some cosmetics pre-party, and put the rest on throughout the night. If successfully executed, costume-wearer should look like a tie-dyed raccoon by the end of the evening.

Another frightening choice is the Courtyard Troll. You know how someone will be in your English class A-block, and then be completely absent for B-block history? Yep, you guessed it: Another victim of the Courtyard Troll. Its prey may surface the next day, saying that they had a doctor’s appointment or college visit in guidance, as the Courtyard Troll wipes the memories of its captives. But we all know it’s there. In making this costume, think a cross between Voldemort and a flower patch.

If you’re a technology buff, then why not go as a WHS computer? Simply decorate a white t-shirt with error messages. There’s your typical “No internet connection,” “Domain does not have available log-ons,” “This site has been blocked,”…you know the drill. But remember, such barriers are put up to protect us, and play a vital role in keeping students from steering off-course. “Especially when you’re trying to access obscene pornography such as Virtual High School or Naviance,” adds senior Kelly Broderick-Sander.

Though both are horrifying, our final costumes stand on opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is senioritis. Or, rather, the personification of senioritis. Throw on some old sweatpants, maybe covered in chip crumbs and Gatorade stains. Top it off with an inside-out Warrior t-shirt from freshman year. Carry around info packets from state schools, as well as unfinished psych worksheets. Tell everyone about how you’re “Maybe gonna take the SAT again,” if you, you know, “feel like it.” This scare factor for this costume is especially effective when it comes to teachers.

The other costume is, of course, that of the freshman. Carry around all of your heaviest books at once. Look dazed, and allow yourself to be a pinball in Crash Corner. But the real fear here doesn’t come simply from looking at this costume, but rather, one’s internal reaction. “I remember, when I was a freshman, the seniors seemed so…Old,” says twelfth-grader Mary-Kate Burnett. “They were basically adults…I’m practically an adult! Okay, yeah, that’s really scary. Quite terrifying, actually.” Freshman have all the time in the world. They can try anything, be anyone they want. Upperclassmen? Stuck in whatever hole they’ve dug for themself. And that is truly scary.