Extreme Ironing?

We examine five weirdest sports from all over the world


Shannon Foley, Staff Writer

When you hear the word “sports” what do you think of? Probably something like basketball, soccer, tennis or football, right? What if I told you that when some people hear that word, they think of wife carrying, dog surfing, or cheese rolling. That’s right, here are the top five weirdest sports from all over the world.

In no particular order, the first weirdest sport is extreme ironing. This sport involves going to a thrilling location or doing an exhilarating activity. This also includes the simple activity of ironing. Some different categories are underwater ironing, ironing while on the edge of cliffs, even ironing in a kayak! The creator of this sport, Phil Shaw, states that “At the end of the day, it’s a bit of fun, and people enjoy it.” It is sport that has no specific country attached to it, and it practiced across multiple continents.

Sonkajärvi, Finland, is the origin for an annual competition in which husbands carry their wives through varying obstacles stretched out along a 278 yard-long path.  This is creatively named wife carrying, and if you are first to finish, your wife’s weight in beer is earned, as well as five times her weight in cash. This is spreading around the world, and now it’s occurring in places like Maine in North America. The winners of the Maine competition move on the finals, held in Finland.  

Is it a shark? A lifeguard? Nope, it’s a surfing french bulldog. Yep, the third sport on our list is dog surfing. Originating in San Diego, this sport consists of owners placing their canine friends  on surfboards and giving them a little push off into the waves. All dogs win a t-shirt for paw-ticipating and the winners of each weight division win a special award, and bragging rights of course.

Spring Bank holiday in Gloucester, England is a day that consists of extreme competitiveness and numerous injuries. Tackle football? Think again. It’s the annual cheese-rolling competition. A block of cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill (which is extremely steep) and whoever wants to compete sprints down the hill in attempts to bear the cheese. The winner gets absolute bragging rights and of course, the cheese.

This brings me to the final sport, soccer. In this case, all of the players are legally blind and/or blindfolded. No one can see a thing except for the goalkeepers, so it’s pretty common to end up with a bruised head and very low score. The ball has some pebbles in it to make it easier for the players to tell where it is. This version is spreading all over the world, and Brazil is usually the dominant team.

Hopefully these weird sports have expanded your knowledge or maybe even inspired you to grab an ironing board. All in all, I think it’s fair to say the weirder the sport, the more dangerous of a competition.