How to Move on from your Favorite Show


Some of us have gone through major heartbreak after their significant other dumps them. However, the most pain the heart can tolerate is when their favorite show comes to a close. Thankfully, I’m here to help you move on in just a few easy steps, using the seven stages of grief.

  1. First, everyone needs to go through the stage of disbelief. You can allow yourself to double check that the episode was the end, and when you realize it was, check the actors’ Twitter accounts to make sure they said goodbye to the beloved show.
  2. Denial is what will come next. Watch reruns of past episodes and continuously reassure yourself that shows can come back after a long time, like Fuller House did, to avoid facing the inevitable fact that your show is over.
  3. Reach out in the social media world and start bargaining! “Hey, [insert director’s name here], we’ll pay you to make another season!” Or, if you want to take a more subtle approach, start a campaign for the show to air again and unite with other fans.
  4. Guilt is the next stage of grief that will hit you. You will feel bad for harassing famous people with your hashtags and start to slowly give up. You will also feel guilty for binge watching your show so quickly and not trying to spread out the amount of time you can spend on the episodes.
  5. Your feelings of guilt will quickly fade, and you’ll be hot with anger. Thoughts like “Why did it end like that?” or “Why did the producer just stop producing? Did he just get lazy? Does she not care about the viewers anymore? Do I not matter?”
  6. Depression will be fast to follow anger. You’ll go to your computer or TV to turn on your show, then realise that nothing new will be there. Nothing will appeal to you because another show will seem to take so long to finish and the last one was just so good that nothing could possibly compare.

Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and all you’ll be left to feel is acceptance and hope. You realise that if the show were to drag on, it would start to be bad and probably ruin your  affection toward it. You’ll get hopeful that maybe no other show will top the one you just finished, but at least you can always rely on it when you need to cheer up or finish a show that ends terribly.