WHS Bids Farewell to the Kaitlyn Foley


Shannon Foley, Staff Writer

Right now, the seniors are in the home stretch of their time at Wakefield Memorial High School and it’s only a matter of time until they find themselves as freshman again this fall. One of these seniors in particular is Kaitlyn Foley.

Kaitlyn was born on July 28th, 1998. She was the first child to her parents Sharon and Paul. Kaitlyn was an only child for a couple of years, then came her siblings Meaghan, Shannon, and finally Donovan. She also has a pet dog named Higgy. Growing up, Kaitlyn loved to be the leader of her siblings and was always extremely creative when it came to thinking of something entertaining for them to do on a rainy day. When asked about Kaitlyn as a child, her mom said, “Kaitlyn was always very outgoing and wanted to make as many people laugh as she could.”

To her current classmates, Kaitlyn is known  as a fun-spirited student who is always up for expanding her horizons and making the most of her time here at Wakefield High. Her top priorities are family and friends because they have supported her no matter what and she wouldn’t be where she is today without them. She loves lacrosse because it gets her adrenaline pumping and she has made so many friends from being on the varsity team. She loves making people laugh and goes out of her way to do so, even if it means embarrassing herself in the process. Kaitlyn’s favorite place is Avalon, which is a small seaside town in New Jersey because she loves the beach and the overall environment.  Her favorite movie is Cheaper by the Dozen and her favorite musician is Carrie Underwood.

After high school, Kaitlyn is headed to Connecticut to attend Fairfield University this fall. Her major is undecided but she is headed in the direction of either a degree in education or business. She has always wanted to become a teacher since she was little, but now she thinks that marketing or advertising would be a fun career choice as well. She is so excited to meet new friends and make more memories, but is also very sad that she has to leave the high school.

Besides the lacrosse team, Kaitlyn is involved in peer leaders, where she travels to the middle school and talks to younger students about how to deal with certain situations like bullying. She loves hanging out with her friends and driving, even if it’s just around Lake Quannapowitt. She considers herself an excellent cook, even though she can only make mac n’ cheese, scrambled eggs, and instant ramen in preparation for college.

Kaitlyn’s favorite memory of high school was when she got involved in the senior show. She was a supporting role and used this to get closer with her class and come out of her shell. Kaitlyn had so much fun and would greatly recommend trying out for a role. Kaitlyn was also a part of the spring musical, Legally Blonde, and regrets that she waited until this year to try out. Some advice she would like to give to the incoming seniors is to enjoy every part of the school year and enjoy the little things you do as a class because they are what you’ll miss when it’s over.

“Life isn’t waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain,” is Kaitlyn’s favorite quote because it taught her to live in the moment and make the most fun out of everything. Kaitlyn would like to say that she has learned so much from her friends and teachers here at WHS and that she will miss them so much. She wishes her classmates the best of luck at college!