The Weather Man

The Weather Man

Rebecca Hunt, Staff Writer

Wakefield Memorial High School’s class of 2016 is leaving in just a few short weeks, and we’ll be losing many people who are important to the school community. One of the most well-known seniors is Matt Hoenig, our resident meteorologist.

Matt is mostly known for being a key decision-maker when it comes to the snow days in Wakefield, but he does more than just that. He’s also a coach for the Galvin Middle School’s Science Olympiad team, the founder of the Meteorology club here at Wakefield High, a member of the National Honor Society, and a varsity tennis player. His tennis teammates respect him the most.  

All of his activities are reflected in his favorite things: weather, technology, music, photography, and science. Science and meteorology may overlap a bit, but that just shows his dedication to his dreams!

Even though he has no siblings, Matt has lots of family on the Science Olympiad team. Samantha Prosperi, a freshman and longtime member of the club, says that she “can always count on him to brighten [her] day with a cheesy joke or some weather facts.” Lots of the middle schoolers, especially the younger kids, will only have fond memories of the goofy senior.

Born on December 16, 1997, Matt has spent almost his entire life with a passion for the weather. He remembers being a little kid, giving weather reports, and that “people thought [he] was pretty cool.”

The last four years at Wakefield High have let Matt practice what he loves most: meteorology. As Wakefield High’s resident weatherman, Matt has a lot of respect from the members of the school.

For him, though, the most memorable part of high school is definitely the fact that he was always consulted for snow days. Even after all this time, he “still can’t believe they’d ask a student.” But the reason for it is because he does a good job at it! Matt doesn’t over exaggerate when it comes to the weather.

In addition to helping with snow days, Matt is also one of the morning announcers. Each morning, his voice can be heard over the loudspeakers, sharing the important announcements for the day.

Next year, he will be attending Pennsylvania State University, and he is majoring in meteorology. Not only is he following his meteorology dreams, Matt is following them at the college of his dreams! Most high schoolers aren’t as certain as Matt is about what they want to do in life, but a lifelong love of something tends to help with decision-making as far as a college major goes!

Surprisingly, Matt’s favorite quote talks about the weather. Willard Scott once said, “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.” He takes this to mean that “if something isn’t going your way, do something about it and make a positive change.” When Matt runs into a problem, he thinks of this quote and tries to do something about the issue.

He leaves behind one important  bit of advice for next year’s seniors: “Enjoy every day and make the most of every opportunity.” Definitely keep this in mind, seniors!

When Matt and all the other seniors leave Wakefield High for good after May 27, they’ll be missed by everyone. They all brought something special to the table. The only silver lining is that they’re moving on to do even bigger and better things! Matt and the other seniors are going to be “right as rain,” as they say!