WHS Says Farewell To Tyler Whipple


John Stanfield, Co-Editor

Tyler Whipple is more than just the recipient of Most Attractive™ and one half of Cutest Couple©. He is a funny, athletic, french fry loving, beatles listening student who also supports Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston and their collaboration in Along Came Polly. He is also a very passionate Track and Cross Country Captain.

Tyler Whipple, born on April 5, 1998, grew up with his two older siblings in Everett. He eventually moved to Wakefield where he now lives. Tyler plans on attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst -and wants to major in marketing. This will hopefully lead him down a very prosperous career in the advertising agency field.

Tyler feels that, “proper guidance and wise words from people above [him],” has lead him to becoming who he is today. Before track, and even now, Tyler has a great time sleeping, and wants to continue this at college next year. He says that sometimes sleep is the best part of his days. Although Tyler does not plan on continuing his track career in college he does plan to join a running club.

Senior year for Tyler has been a good experience, and has had many memories he will remember forever. One of his favorite memories was when he and his friends found a cat and helped bring it to an animal shelter. He says that he misses the cat dearly, and hopes that they will one day meet again.

Tyler feels that if he could tell anyone about the transition into senior year he would say that you should, “Have fun with it, don’t stress about college.” One of Tyler’s favorite quotes is, “The best day to plant a tree was twenty years ago second best day is today.” This is an important quote to him because it motivates him to not procrastinate.