Meet Ms. Snow: The Soccer Playing, World Traveling, New English Teacher!


Amanda Lee, Hailey Bishop, and Emma Lambiaso

This past summer, WMHS hired a new English teacher! Her name is Jessica Snow and she teaches three English 10 Honors classes and two English 12 CP classes here at the high school. Mrs. Snow is also the Freshman Girls Soccer coach, given her many years experience playing and coaching soccer. She has had lots of teaching experience from all over the world, and she is exhibiting these skills at Wakefield High.

This new teacher was born in Upstate New York, and has one brother, who also teaches in Nantucket. Her family took vacations almost every year to Nantucket. She went to St. Michael’s college in Vermont and then attended graduate school at State University of New York at Albany.  Following school, she was asked to play soccer in Great Britain. When Mrs. Snow was in Britain, she played soccer for the Barnet Ladies Football Club, while she taught Shakespeare to British students, both of which she enjoyed very much. After that, she moved to Nantucket for a promising teaching opportunity and got excellent coaching experience there as well. She then took a “vacation” to California, where she stayed a little longer than expected. On this “vacation” she ended up meeting her husband while over there and stayed in California for 6 more years. Mrs. Snow then moved to Seattle for 6 months with her husband, Mr. Snow, as she calls him when talking with students, before he got a job back in Massachusetts. Mrs. Snow was delighted because she wanted to move closer to family, only a few hours away from her parents in New York and her brother in Nantucket. The Snows decided to drive cross country from California back to Massachusetts, where Mrs. Snow applied for a job at WMHS!

Mr. Drinkwater, another English teacher at WMHS, was happy to talk about Mrs. Snow. “I think she is a really exciting person to have in the building”, he claims about his new colleague. “She has already fully immersed herself in the department and classes” in just the first few weeks of school. He also says that it’s almost like she’s been here for a few years, not a few weeks.

Mrs. Snow loves to teach! “I love my students, they are really funny. Everyday I am always super excited coming to school”. She likes being an English teacher because she enjoys watching her students grow in their writing. Her favorite thing about teaching English is that the discussion is always different with new aspects continuously being brought to the table by her students. She moved to Wakefield before she knew about the job opening. Part of the reason she took the job had been because she was really impressed with the teachers and the way they taught. As for the way Mrs. Snow views her teaching, she likes to consider herself tough/strict but sometimes she goes toward “being a softy”.

Although Mrs. Snow may spend most of her time inside of WMHS, she does have a life outside of school! She enjoys paddleboarding, doing Pinterest DIYs and reading. Her favorite novel is A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter. Her favorite food is lobster and she is most definitely a dog person. She is also a soccer fanatic.

Many of her students are happy to have her as their teacher, Mrs. Snow hopes enthusiastically. The WMHS community and teachers have been very welcoming!  Mrs. Snow is very excited about the upcoming year with her hilarious sophomore and senior students.