Wakefield High School Welcomes Mrs. Trafficante


By John Phelan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Ali Calnan and Rachel King

In the beginning of the school year, all four grades were introduced to Mrs. Trafficante, the new assistant principal. She is experienced and ready to help students as much as possible! Previously an assistant principal at the Dolbeare Elementary School, Mrs. Trafficante is continuing her dream of working at a high school. Her move to Wakefield Public Schools from Malden has been a smooth transition. “I can honestly say coming to Wakefield was one of the best moves I’ve made in a long time,” she states about her change in location. She believes in the student’s’ privilege to utilize their voice in order to create change. She is enjoying the atmosphere and is ready to take on any task that is thrown at her.

The new Assistant Principal has big plans for the high school. She has ideas that will ensure that the children feel like they are cared for and that they are the main focus of the school. Mrs. Trafficante, on a very basic level, deals with young adults whose last names begin with the letters A through K, however she is more than willing to help those of all last names. Mrs. Trafficante is a people person. She is still learning about the school and what programs will work best here. She looks forward to reaching out to families and learning about the students. Mrs. Trafficante is also interested in creating a mentoring program where high schoolers mentor middle schoolers. This would help many students connect with people that they may not have met otherwise.

She works alongside Mr. Liberti, the other assistant principal. The both of them, along with Mr. Metropolis, say that one of their goals will be working on accommodating students with diverse needs. They want the school to be student-centered and make sure that everyone is accepted. Mr. Liberti expressed that they will be following very similar procedures as last year, and they will be using the (Capitalization) student handbook as a reference. He also said that she is a “good fit”. Even though they are big shoes to fill, Mrs. Trafficante will be a strong successor to Mr O’Leary. Mr. Metropolis is also excited to work with her, saying, “The administration is looking forward to having Mrs. Trafficante on the team to support the teaching and learning happening in our building. She comes to us with a varied background at all levels, and will, no doubt, help the school community continue to live by our Core Values of excellence and respect”.

With fifteen years of experience in education, Mrs. Trafficante is a great addition to Wakefield High School. In the past, she was a teacher in Malden for eleven years, there, she taught eighth grade. Additionally, she was the Site Director of PCSM- Partnership for Community Schools Malden- an organization that provided students with an option of an after school program. This program has helped countless youths engage in a variety of activities. She has two Master’s Degrees in education,- from Cambridge College and American International College in Springfield- one of which is specialized in administration of grades K through 12. This has been reflected in her work as she has taught a range of students from grades 3 through 8.

Mrs. Trafficante is benefitting Wakefield High School, as her fellow faculty members identify. She is not only a teacher, but a mother of twins and a wife as well. She also loves going out for rides with her husband on his Harley. Another fun fact about Mrs.Trafficante and her life outside of the school atmosphere is her interest in partying and fun. “If I could have any other job, I would be a party planner…it’s my passion,” she states. Only eager to receive more of an education, she goes to school outside of the High School!

Next time you see Mrs. Trafficante in the lunchroom or in the halls, say hello! She wants to meet as many students as achievable.