Remembering Amy Winehouse

Hailey Bishop

If I were to travel back in time to see the works of any musician on this Earth, Amy Winehouse would be a must for me. As a little kid, I was fascinated with music, especially Jazz. My house was always filled with the sound of her voice. Hearing her words echo through my walls gave me the courage to start a more creative outlet for myself, since I am an only child. I wanted something that I could call my own. That was when my adventure of singing took hold. I remember the first cover I sang by her was “I Heard Love was Blind”. Her songs told a story, and that is what I found most intriguing. A person could use something powerful that happened in their life and turn it to something even more influential to others. Every lyric she spilled onto a page was a part of her life she had lived through. It was raw and uncut, something that is golden to find among artists.
In Amy’s case, she always wanted a bold title covering her first release. In 2003, she named the record “Frank.” This album, as she said in many interviews, was about her favorite music icon Frank Sinatra, and may other musical influences over the years. Throughout the record, there are songs entitled “Stronger than Me”, “What is it About Men”, and “There is No Greater Love” that showed her feelings about love and relationships in the public eye.
Soon after her first album broke, she was a star overnight “becoming the hottest Brit in West Hollywood”. Her 2003 hit was being played all over the world, and went platinum later that year. Amy’s career was taking off. She went from opening at bars in her small town to becoming a hit sensation! A few years after her big break, she began touring with Sharon Jones’s band “Dap Kings” and released her second album Back to Black in 2006. Back to Black was a number one chart topper in the UK at the time, selling 1.85 million copies in just that one year. Tragically, not too many years later, she passed away. This was due to emotional troubles and worsening drug and alcohol poisoning.

She was an inspiration to me, and plenty of fans around the world. She will always be remembered for the hard work she put into her craft and her beautiful voice.