Can a Celebrity Lead Our Country?


Dante Bucci and Zack Murphy

In this day and age, anyone has a fighting chance at becoming President. Our current President-Elect is a man who prior to the election starred in a reality television show. The 2020 election rumors have already started, with both Kanye West and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson supposedly planning a run for President. Donald Trump was not the first time a celebrity won office, though. Back in nineteen eighty-one, Republican Presidential nominee Ronald Reagan defeated the incumbent Jimmy Carter. Before running for President, Ronald Reagan starred in films like “Bedtime for Bonzo”, “Kings Row”, and “Knute Rockne All American”. Many Americans consider Ronald Reagan one of the greatest presidents. Even with two previous celebrity Presidents, most Americans seem to look down on celebrities as being serious candidates. People are already writing off Kanye and “The Rock” without them even giving speeches, telling us their ideas for our country, or officially declaring that they are running.
History has shown that celebrities have the ability and power to lead our country just as well as any other candidates. So why do the American people seem to write them off? One factor could be a lack or respect. People seem to think that acting is not a very respectable profession. Despite the fact that they adore established celebrities, they look down on most who want to pursue acting. They often write them off as dreamers or too ambitious. That is, unless this person achieves any sort of success to build a following and career of their own. In that case, people will accept and celebrate them. This is where it connects to actors trying to do anything else. People see them as only being able to do the thing they are known for. Think back to when Scarlett Johansson or Michael Cera made an album. They were mocked online and their music was given poor reviews before it was even heard. If an actor is mocked for making music, just think of how people would react if they were a politician, which is a more important job. People look at someone like Kanye West or “The Rock” and think that they should just stick to what they know, but this is wrong. Who is to say who he can lead a country and who can not? If they are a trustworthy person and they do not have a questionable past, let us give them a chance. Why limit what someone can do based on their past? Everyone starts somewhere and builds to where they want to be. We should give celebrities the chance to do the same. Why would we not?