Teacher Profile: Mrs Nigro

Amanda Lee


Mrs. Nigro is the new biology, physics, and AP environmental science teacher! She is a WMHS graduate herself, and is now teaching at her high school! In high school, and in college, she wanted to be a veterinarian. She even had a major in pre-vet. She worked in the field in college, she liked it, but did not want to do it for the rest of her life. However, she did apply to veterinarian school, and got into one in the Caribbean, but realized she would have too much debt, so she decided to become a teacher. Mrs. Nigro went to University of New Hampshire for her undergraduate, and Lesley in Cambridge for her masters. She has co taught at Saugus High School, but went for the job at Wakefield Memorial High School. And that led her to our school!

Mrs. Nigro wanted to work here because she had a good experience as a student, and she likes the town. Mrs. Nigro likes to teach science because everyone can relate to it. In biology, it is about our bodies, and lives, and obviously everyone has a body. She says that in “Every science class you will learn something you can use your entire life”. It is okay to be wrong in science, whereas in math you either got the answer or you didn’t. And science is also fun! The school has been very welcoming, even a little over welcoming, to her. Fellow teachers are always asking her if she needs help. She says that no much as changed since she went here. She says it’s funny to see a different side of the school, now being a teacher.

Mrs. Nigro teaches biology, AP environmental science, and physics. Based off of the information she teaches, she likes biology the best. Students wise, she likes her AP classes because she has better conversations with them. She works with a different type of student in AP, and the students work at a different rate than in a CP class. “An AP student has a different motivation that a CP student”  she says. The upperclassmen say stuff that makes her think. For example, is bottled water considered a domestic or industrial use of water, is one question that was asked in my AP environmental science class with Mrs. Nigro.

It may be hard to believe, but teachers have lives outside of school, and may enjoy similar things that students do. Mrs. Nigro says she loves everything with cheese on it. She also loves the television show Game of Thrones, as many teenagers also do. She has two pets. She has a cat named Anya, and just recently got a dog named Braun. Braun is a puppy who was originally going to be a police dog, so he knows some commands in German! Mrs. Nigro is a WMHS graduate and we welcome her back as a teacher!