WHS Community Gives to Victims of Superstorm Sandy


Ryan Jancy

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, countless communities on the Eastern seaboard have begun the tedious work of rebuilding themselves. Numerous areas were bruised and battered from the destructive winds and intense floods during the storm. Many of these same communities remain without power and heat. Unfortunately, as the calendar continues on, the weather is not letting up on any of these victims. Temperatures are dropping, and snow has already fallen in many parts of the Northeast. Without power, heat, clothes, or a home to take shelter, many are left to battle the cold conditions that are quickly approaching.

To aid the victims of Superstorm Sandy, Wakefield High School has answered its call to service and begun a collection drive to send supplies to the affected areas. History teachers Mrs. Guttadauro and Ms. Flynn have led this collection drive with the help of many other WHS faculty and staff members. The project is a school-wide initiative involving many of the clubs, teams, and student leaders here at the high school. With full support throughout the school, the collection will take occur from Thursday, November 15 to Wednesday, November 21. Once everything has been collected, Mrs. Guttadauro and Ms. Flynn will travel to either New York or New Jersey and deliver the items. It is possible, however, that WHS will partner with organizations, such as the American Red Cross or the Boston Food Pantry, who will deliver our donations where they are needed most.

If you are wondering how to help those in need, donate what you can and encourage others to donate as well. Collection boxes have been placed in every homeroom, where students can drop off a number of supplies. You can donate a variety of items, ranging from personal hygiene items to non-perishable food items. Also, warm winter clothing and common household items will gladly be accepted. A collection box will be placed in the main office as well, so outside contributions can be accepted from the community. It is the hope of the WHS can lend a helping hand to those suffering in other parts of the country, to show that we still care about them and will not forget what they are going through. After all, we are one country and must help our own when we are suffering.