Thanksgiving Week: Warrior Pride Week


Shannon Fairweather

Thanksgiving week is a great time to show your school pride!  So you can pack a lot of Warrior Pride into fun, three short days!
Organized by the WHS Student Council, spirit week is here once again.  Everyday from November 19th to November 21st will have a different theme,  Starting on Monday will be Southwestern Day. On Tuesday, you get to enjoy the famous Twin Day!  Will you be a part of the most famous twins? Lastly, the ½ day before Thanksgiving is Warrior Pride Day.  Make sure to get your gear and show your spirit. All three days can be a great way to show your creative side and have some fun with your peers.
The first day is the super fun, Southwestern day on Monday the 19th of November. There are no specific clothes you must wear to be considered either, but try your hardest to be the best looking Cowboy, Cowgirl or Indian in WHS! Be a part of this fun day as Wakefield High School turns into a western frontier.
The second day, which is Tuesday the 20th of November – the day I am most looking forward to – is Twin Day! Find a friend, a stranger, or a teacher and wear the same exact clothes and accessories so you look like twins! Even though it is called Twin Day, don’t feel limited to twins! You are allowed as many people you want, from twins to a whole family of same clothed people. Outfits can be crazy, normal, nerdy, fancy, anything you want! Make the most of this special occasion, and be the best looking twins that this school has ever seen.
The third and final day, is not only a Wednesday but a ½ day and Warrior Pride Day.  Obviously you need to go all out on this day.  This means that you need to wear all your Warrior gear, from hats to shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, everything! Now if you’re freshmen, or just don’t have tons of Warrior Pride clothing, feel free to go down to the store during D block where you can find everything you need to express your Warrior Pride! Who will be the biggest fan and prove it on Wednesday? You’ll have to wait to find out.
Spirit week is a great part of high school, and I think it is a great experience that you can get involved in to add to your memories at WHS. Will you have the best costume/outfit? This year the WHS Student Council will be on the look out for who put the most effort into their outfits and then vote to decide who did the best job.  Will you be one of the most spirited winners?  Are you ready to get involved to support your school and show your Warrior Pride? Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas below! Good luck, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Warrior Pride Week!