Senioritis Pandemic Hits WHS


Hannah Rodgers (2013), Reporter

With graduation less than five months away, and the college acceptances rolling in, the pressures of senioritis seem to be kicking in for many seniors.

Senioritis, a serious condition often faced by seniors as they wrap up their college applications, is common among students across the country. However, recently it seems to be spreading through the halls of WHS. Though there is no “cure” to this GPA-ruining condition, many seniors unfortunately decide to embrace senioritis, as well as any repercussions that may come along with it.

With the start of second semester comes the start of “the senior slide” as a majority of seniors will probably be met with a new sense of laziness (if they haven’t experienced it already). Oftentimes the first sign of senioritis will come with often a lack of motivation to do even the simplest of assignments. Whether it be something as simple as reading a single chapter for English, or completing ten problems for Calculus, any lack of motivation or care you may have should come as a warning sign. All joking aside, I’ll be the first to admit I have fallen guilty to feelings like these on more than one occasion this school year. As soon as that first acceptance letter is delivered, you realize that all you’ve worked so hard for in the past four years has finally paid off, and more often than not, your first reaction is to relax a bit, and stop investing so much time in school work. Before you know it, you’re sleeping through classes, putting off studying to go and hang out with your friends, or even doing nothing just for the sake of doing nothing.

As the onset of senioritis sets in, many students will begin to hear constant reminders from teachers, guidance counselors, as well as parents, warning them to keep their grades up. While some may dismiss these warnings, I approached them with some curiosity. Just how much do colleges track your second semester grades? In reality, one must realize that colleges are always watching and tracking their accepted students up until the day of graduation. High profile schools are notorious for contacting students whose grades slipped a great deal with letters claiming they had revoked their acceptance, or taken away scholarship money. Though the world will not end if your straight A’s slip to B’s, it’s important to know, as tempting as it is, you can’t completely let your guard down.

So next time you think about skipping that homework, or taking a nap in class, remember that giving up on your school work this early could come with some negative consequences. And though senioritis will likely never go away, it’s important to realize that there are some negative side effects that some students may not even consider . All this being said, I wish all my fellow seniors, as well as myself, the best of luck these next few months; may the symptoms of senioritis never get the better of you.