Senior Show 2013


Molly DelGreco and Leah Tanner, Reporters

On Friday March 15th and Saturday March 16th, the senior class put on their performances of The Wizard of Oz and showed off their talents in the Galvin auditorium. The talented senior class also performed a different set of skits each night, with a total of 18 different skits. The main roles of The Wizard of Oz were performed by Megan Manfredi, Connor Miller, Ryan Jancsy, and Ryan Kostopoulos. Megan played Dorothy, Connor played the scarecrow, Ryan Jancsy played the tin man, and Ryan Kostopoulos played the lion. The role of Toto was played by Jackie Yandell.

The performances on opening night, Friday, March 15th, were a great start to the show. The performances included: “Thrift Shop”, played by Ryan McNeill and Patrick Sullivan on trombone, Ben Li on piano, Heather Livingston and Devyn Gouveia on alto saxophone, Bridget Donovan on clarinet, and Mackenzie Mildram as well as Caroline Andrews on trumpet. There was also a rap by Joe DiStaula, mentioning everybody in the senior class of 2013, a Pop Song Medley performed by Ben Li, Sarah Boland, and Kim Sheridan, and a ballet solo danced by Alicia Cross. There was also a performance of “A Team”, featuring Katie Pond, Emma Martin, and Hannah Rodgers.  The song “Home” was played and sung by Mackenzie Mildram and Olivia Musialowski. “We are Never Getting Back Together” was played by Ben Li on piano, Ken Chow on guitar, and Amir Elhirach on drumset. The Teacher Jeopardy skit was performed by Abbey DiCredico as Ms. Barron, Joe Distaula as Mr. Connell, Emily Medeiros as Ms. Berger, Eddie Matthews as Mr. Gibbs, and Melanie Miksis as the host. And, last but not least was a Girls Dance performed by a large group of the senior girls themselves.

On Saturday night, March 16th,  there were another set of performances, including: “Ocean” by Josh Orlowitz, a piano mashup by Ben Li and Angelina Ng, “Lullaby” by Kim Sheridan, Olivia Musialowski, Leah Vlahakis, and Mackenzie Mildram, a ukulele performance by Dan Fallon and Danielle Racamato, marshmallow tossing by Connor Miller and Joe DiStaula, “Don’t You Worry Robin” by Nick DiCredico, and a performance of “Forget You” by Pat Sullivan, Heather Livingston, Devyn Gouveia, Caroline Andrews, Mackenzie Mildram, Ken Chow, Ben Li, Bridget Donovan, and Kevin White. There was also a performance of “On my Own” by Abbey DiCredico. The last two performances before the Wizard of Oz were again, Teachers Jeopardy and the Girls Dance.

The seniors’ performance of The Wizard of Oz took about two months to prepare, making it crunch time for all the seniors. The entire cast, including the play and talent portion, consisted of about sixty people. The acting skills of the senior class had been hidden until now, showing that they are all a talented bunch of kids. Each of their performances revealed a moment where most of the freshman, sophomores, and juniors thought about how the senior class is actually graduating, and how all that is soon to become a reality. It’s so sad to see them graduate and go, but their performance as a whole left an unforgettable mark on all of us, and the class of 2013 is definitely going to be remembered as a bright one.