Memorial Day


Lucia Martin

The Memorial Day assembly is a tradition here at Wakefield High School that has been going on for many years.

This year the assembly was exceptionally well put together. The student body is a major part in this assembly which shows how well our school comes together. Ms. Lopez opened the ceremony with a great speech using the student body, “the warriors” in comparison to the veteran warriors whom were honored guests at the high school. This year the MC was a junior, Maggie Barto who had the responsibility of making sure the entire service ran smoothly. Maggie did a wonderful job introducing so many of  the fascinating people who had their chance to speak. We were brought through the history of the Civil War by our superintendent, Sandra Halloran, and a moving excerpt was read explaining the holiday. Wakefield is known for its great music department and their performance was nearly flawless. The ceremony was beautifully planned and the music was in perfect harmony. This year the guest speaker was Lt. Commander William Henry DeRoche Jr. who was a part of the Wakefield High School class of 1980. Following High school, he attended Harvard. While at WHS, DeRoche was a major athlete.   He continued his athletic careerand was a player for the US Navy hockey team. In 1986 he earned his wings and was deployed to the Persian Gulf. In all, Lt. DeRoche has 10 years of naval service for the United States. Over the 10 years he explains he made many friends some who he is lucky enough to have with him today, others unfortunately have passed away since.  He explained to the student body that Wakefield does a wonderful job honoring those who have served. His challenge to us, the student body was to learn about one individual who has served or had served in the military and thank them for their service.  Following his speech, Mr. Liberti awarded Lt. DeRoche with the plaque given to every guest speaker throughout the years as a token of our gratitude. The Memorial Day assembly is a tradition that has been going on in the High School for more than twenty years, and continues to be one of great moments where our community comes together to honor our fallen heroes.