UCONN Finds Victory


Maeve Conway

“And then there were four” signs could be seen on every corner of the Nashville streets as the best college women’s teams flooded the city.

Recently, Nashville, Tennessee hosted the 2014 NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament. This features three action packed games as four teams battled for the title of Division 1 Women’s Basketball Championship team. These teams consisted of: Stanford, Notre Dame, Maryland, and UCONN.

The first Final Four game was  undefeated Notre Dame taking on Maryland in the Bridgestone Arena located in the heart of Nashville. The first half was a catch up game for Maryland that proved Notre Dame’s talent on the boards. Notre Dame outrebounded Maryland 50-21, making history as the largest margin in Final Four history. This gap cost Maryland the game, leaving Notre Dame with a 87-61 win, sending them to fight for the NCAA Championship title.

The same night, undefeated UCONN was matched up against Stanford. The game started off for UCONN at a surprisingly sluggish start, with UCONN only up by 4 points at the half. Stanford’s “nerd city” proved its game in this half, scoring 24 points. However, their talent did not match up to UCONN as the second half rolled on. This half  proved that UCONN really is a second half team. UCONN pulled away right away in the second half, winning 75-56 against Stanford. This set the stage for the first time in Women’s College Basketball history that two undefeated teams will play in the Championship.

Tuesday night had high stake for the UCONN team after Monday night’s men’s basketball team won the title. Fan were looking for both teams to come back to campus with a championship title with them. However, Notre Dame was determined to not let that happen as they confidently went against UCONN 39-0 record, with their 37-0 record. With one of Notre Dame’s best players injured, Natalie Achonwa, they still went into the game as the “fighting Irish.” Their aggression and heart proved no match to UCONN’s height on the defensive side. UCONN took the NCAA Championship title from Notre Dame in the second half with 21 point win. The final score was 79-58. UCONN brought home a title alongside the men of UCONN. Did you catch any of the action on court?  Share your story in the comments below.