Red Sea Strong


Emma Lambiaso, Staff Writer

Friday night football games, or as the students call it, FNL (Friday Night Lights), are an essential part of the Wakefield Warrior spirit. Approximately 125 students come out to support the football team and sit in the Red Sea, the designated student fan section in the bleachers at Landrigan Field. The Red Sea got its fitting title from the sea of students who sport mostly red, the color associated with Wakefield Warriors. The air is crisp and full of chatter and laughter. “It’s the best part of the fall season,” comments Brooke Wallace, a junior at WMHS.
But what is so great about the Red Sea? It’s crowded and loud, you have to stand almost the whole time, and there is always the chance of getting hit with flying food. Yet students make a beeline for the section at the end of the bleachers, sometimes even arriving early to get a good spot. “It’s the atmosphere,” explains student Quinn Bayers. “I love it.” Quinn is most likely referring to the factors that make a Warrior football game so unique. For example, the Rollercoaster at halftime is always fun to participate in, never failing to put a smile on every single “rider’s” face. The Rollercoaster is comprised of all four grades following the seniors, yelling with their hands in the air, simulating the classic theme park ride. Then, of course, there is the parting of the Red Sea, where Moses runs up the middle of the bleachers to greet the loud cheer that awaits him when he gets to the top. Taking on the role of Moses this year is senior Rohan Singhvi, previously portrayed by Tommy Lucey, who graduated last year. “Whenever we come together, I feel like the spirit really comes out. So I think that normally when we come together, it’s always super-hype,” comments Senior John Roche.
Another huge part of the “Red Sea atmosphere” that cannot fail to be mentioned is the award-winning Wakefield High School Marching Band. The marching band show at halftime is an occurrence at every home game, under the direction of Thomas Bankert. Recently the band and color guard won first place in their division at the NESBA competition on October 13 for their show “Flight”. Winning is a familiar feeling for the marching band, as they have around 120 musically talented performers. However, some members do not believe the band’s presence is vital to the spirited nature of FNL, claiminig that no one pays attention to them at halftime. Though they are hidden from the fans, located at the far end of the bleachers, their music does not go unnoticed. All of the Red Sea chants are centered around the music they play, as well as some cheerleading routines. By setting an upbeat tone, the band keeps up the spirit, and their presence would be sorely missed.
Whether you go to support the dance team, the marching band, or the football team, there is always the guarantee of a fun time. Even though it may feel freezing cold, you are filled with warmth from the company of friends, community, and Honey Dew hot chocolate. Even those who don’t go to Wakefield High come for the Friday night experience. When asked about it, a Bishop Fenwick student complimented the Red Sea spirit, saying, “It’s higher than any other school I’ve seen.” FNL is definitely an experience you want to have in high school. It’s a great way to get to know your peers and kick off the weekend. “I think our school is really special because we all bond over football games,” concludes Brooke. It’s an average high school sporting event, but an above average crowd that means so much to the identity of the Wakefield Warriors. So if you were not able to catch a game this fall season, make sure you secure a spot in the Red Sea for next year’s season opener. If you can’t wait, don’t worry! The Warriors play the Melrose Red Raiders at Landrigan Field this Thanksgiving (November 22, 2018) at 10:15 am.